GoGuardian: Create small groups / classes for as-needed monitoring


You have a couple of students who need monitoring or locking down, but you do not wish to see the entire class grid in GoGuardian.


Build your own custom class in GoGuardian, then just add and remove the students as needed.

Creating a class

Add a classroom using the button on the right side of the Classrooms screen. Enter the required details, then click Add classroom. Adding students to classes There are three ways to do this, two of which are easy. Use code is likely the easiest. You tell the students to go to a website, then use an enroll code to join your class. you can also add students by email address. This can be tedious, but if it's a small group, this works.When you are done, click add students.You will see the students listed in your class.Use the classrooms links at the top left to go back. Use the start class button to begin monitoring your students. You can add as many classes as you like.  You can even add a class that is just for temporary monitoring of students.

Other scenarios where this might be useful include differentiated lessons where you want to send some kids to certain websites, or if you find yourself in charge of a group of students you do not normally work with.

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