DataMap: Student Roadmap: How to access individual student data

The Student roadmap screen displays all of the information we have on your students.
Contact info, demographics info, subgroup info like special education, economically disadvantaged, etc.
Attendance and discipline history.
Current and previous year state and third party assessments.

There are two ways to get to a student roadmap screen.

Method one: Access a roadmap from GradeBook (We still often call it ProgressBook).
From your GradeBook home screen, choose a class on the left or choose Student Information from the middle column.

Next select a student.

At the bottom left you will see a link for Student Roadmap. You will be taken straight to the student's roadmap screen. Close the tab to return to GradeBook and select a different student.

Method two: From DataMap
You can also go straight to DataMap and search for students. First, open DataMap from the menu at the top of GradeBook by clicking the white arrow.

Next enter search criteria and click the find button on the right.  You can search for a single student or you can select yourself using

For instance, you could put your name in the Teacher box and set Gifted to YES. Click find and you will get...

Click a name to view the student's data.

DataMap organizes assessment scores chronologically left to right.

You can also see a student's full history using the State Assessment History and Data Points History areas at the bottom of the screen.
Select one or more subjects and DataMap will show you the scores.

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