DataMap: Data Points search: How to see a list of students' data for a subject area

The Data Points screen displays a list of students and all of the current year data for a subject area.
You will limit your list of students as desired, and DataMap will show you all of the students you can see and all of their data in the chosen subject area.

Access Data Points search
Go to Data Points in the menu at the top left.

Use the boxes on the left to limit your results, then click Find.
Note that the default subject is reading. Change this to see other subjects.

Viewing results
DataMap will show you all of the data it has for the chosen subject area.
Note that the gray bar across the top shows you the assessment (MAP below).
You can click on a student to see the student's Roadmap screen.
Also note that you can export any list to a spreadsheet using the export button at the top right of the list (46 Records below).
To change your results, change the criteria in the search boxes.

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