DataMap: State assessments: How to see summary and standards data

The State assessments search tool displays summary data (such as passage rate and performance index) and individual student data (such as score, placement level, standards performance, etc).  You will limit your list of students as desired, and DataMap will update to match your criteria.

Access state assessments summary data
From the menu at the top left, select State Assessments > Summary.

Next, use the menu on the left to limit your results, then click find to display the results.
Note that it defaults to OST (Ohio's State Tests), English, and last year. Change these selections as needed.

Note that the teacher field is CURRENT YEAR teacher. This enables you to quickly see how your current students did last year.
If you wish to search by tested year teacher, you can do that by scrolling the left side down to "Testing Year Teacher."
Viewing results
When you click find DataMap will update and display your results.
You can click on the pie chart pieces or the number in the Count column to show the students who scored at the corresponding placement level, or you can use the Show All and Show Selected buttons to view multiple placement levels.

Access state assessments standards data
"Standards data" is really just a list of students, and it is the same view you get when you click a placement level in the pie chart (above).
The process is the same, you are just skipping the summary data in favor of a list of students.
To access the standards data view, use the menu at the top left to select State Assessments > Standards.

As with summary data, use the menu on the left to refine your results.

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