Student Information (DASL): How to find a student's schedule

Teachers have access to all student schedules in their school building in Student Information (formerly called DASL).

Access Student Information

To access SI, you can log in to and then choose Student Information from the list of applications.

If you are already logged in to ProgressBook or DataMap, you can also click the small white arrow next to ProgressBook at the top left, then choose SI.

Find a student's schedule

Once in SI, enter a last name into the Find Students box at the top right, then hit return or click the magnifying glass.
You will either see a list of students matching your search, or a student's name and info will appear at the top of the screen.

Click the name of a student.

On the next screen, click the drop down box and select View Today's Schedule or View Full Schedule.


Helpful tips

You can enter last names in the search box, but NOT first names.

However, you can enter both. Slagle,Vivien will take you straight to Evie.

You can also use asterisks to enter just part of a name.  Slag* will return any student with a last name starting with those letters. S* will return any student starting with letter S.

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