Guide: How to stream from the GHS community room

You will need

Required hardware
Display panel, camera, microphone, speakers, chromebox
- All are mounted in room

Display chromebox keyboard, panel remote control, camera system remote control
- All in blue box near display panel

Chromebox account credentials
While you could log on to the chromebox with any Goshen Google account, the fastest way is to log in as...
Password:  gofightwin

How to stream using YouTube

Click the Chrome icon at the bottom of the screen.

You will immediately be taken to the YouTube "Go Live" setup page.

Enter a title and a description (optional) for your live stream. The default settings are for a Board of Education meeting. Just replace these with your information.

Click the NEXT button.

The important setting here is Live Chat. Turn live chat OFF unless you want people to be able to comment on your video.

Click the NEXT button.

There is nothing to change on this screen. Click the DONE button.

If you want to announce your stream on the GLSD FaceBook page, click the SHARE button.

Click Facebook.

The Chromebox has Mark's account saved, which gives you access to the GLSD Facebook page.

Use the box at the top left to change to "Share on a Page you Manage," then make sure the Goshen Local Schools Facebook page is selected.

When ready, click the Post to Facebook button at the bottom.

You will be returned to the YouTube Stream preview page. Click the GO LIVE button when you are ready.

You are now streaming live on YouTube and you have shared a link to your stream on the GLSD Facebook page.

How to control your live stream

You will use the camera system remote control to point the camera where you want it and zoom to the appropriate level.

Two things to note

1. The ceiling-mounted microphones have a light ring which indicates if the mic is hot (listening) or not. A red ring means the mic is off, a white ring means the mic is hot. Control the mics using the red button on the remote.

2. Sometimes the camera will be completely blurry when you start a live stream. Just hold the zoom button until it resolves, then proceed normally.

How to end your live stream

When you are ready to stop streaming, click the END STREAM button.

YouTube will ask if you really mean it...

and you are done!

Click the DISMISS button.

Log out of the chromebox, then turn off the display panel using the remote.

Return the display remote, chromebox keyboard, and camera system remotes to the blue box beneath the display panel.

All done! If you want to see a list of previous live streams and/or find the link to the one you just created, click the link below.
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